The Team

Alexander Easdale – Managing Principal

Alexander Easdale is Managing Principal of Forging Alliances, a social enterprise leadership consulting firm. He is also the Executive Director of the Southeast Climate & Energy Network (SCEN), where he leads and manages a network of approximately 150 organizations across 12 Southeastern states.

Alexander was most recently Associate Campus Director of Ana G. Mendez University System – South Florida Campus, where he helped manage the entire Campus operation, including academic and student affairs, and community outreach. Previously, he was Foundations Director at the Democracia USA project of National Council of La Raza, where he was charged with managing its institutional donor portfolio, while also supporting major individual donor fundraising.

Alexander has worked in Hispanics in Philanthropy, where he was responsible for leading program design, fundraising and project management for capacity building, educational and economic development projects in varied regions such as Florida, North Carolina, Argentina, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Mexico and Nicaragua. Alexander also worked with the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) Secretariat for the negotiations held in Panama and in Mexico, and as a consultant in the Argentine Consulate General in Miami.

In his varied roles and as a consultant, Alexander has managed and built multiple stakeholder networks, also raising more than $16 million for multiple initiatives and causes through donor cultivation and grant-writing activities. He is a college professor and seasoned presenter at conferences and training workshops on topics such as leadership, fundraising, organizational development and networks management. Alex has authored publications on international trade issues and has been featured in television interviews and newspaper articles on a variety of topics that include transnationalism, Latino participation in U.S. politics, educational models and opportunities.

Knellee Bisram – Vice President

Forging Alliance’s Vice-President, Knellee Bisram, is a Trinidad and Tobago native who has extensive experience in Latin America and the Caribbean.

She has held senior positions in the Free Trade Area of the Americas Secretariat, and has consulted for multi-sector international development projects aimed at socio-economic transformation in the region. Knellee has also supported fundraising and strategic planning initiatives through Alliance Consulting International and Forging Alliances.
She is an educator teaching university courses in economics, political science and social sciences for the Ana G. Mendez University System, and Cardinal Gibbons High School. Currently,

Knellee provides professional development on integrating present moment awareness into different environments. She is also the founder and Executive Director of AHAM Education, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to empower youth, women and veterans by teaching the power of present moment awareness and positive mental attitude. Knellee is fluent in four languages, including English, Spanish, French and Portuguese, and loves to travel the world.

Sara Ochoa – Fundraising Specialist

Sara is an international business professional with experience in business strategy, logistics and marketing. Since early on in her life, she enjoys traveling and learning from diverse cultures. She has worked for private as well as for non-profit organizations. She worked with BMA, a German company providing engineering and equipment for the sugar industry, in market intelligence and account management for distribution of parts to 10+ Latin American countries. Most recently, she worked with the German American Business Chamber of Miami by assisting on Marketing activities and the development of strategies to increase the organization’s public awareness. By the end of 2018, Sara decided to focus her career towards the development of environmental solutions to incentivize a more responsible use of resources. In April 2019, Sara alongside her husband Juan created Ciclica LLC, an ongoing project that seeks to decrease the amount of plastic packaging in the CPG industry. Outside of her professional life she is an animal lover and has recently rescued a beautiful puppy named Milano, an Australian Shepherd mix.