Alexa Ogburn

Alex and the Leadership course has helped me grow professionally, personally, and positively impacted my life in a tremendous way.  “A good mentor is available, teaching them what to do is easy, showing them is difficult” by John C. Maxwell, and Alex has made himself available to be a mentor, teacher, and coach.  The way that Alex has advised me over the past year has allowed me to shift my perspective and see the world in new ways. Rather than provide instruction or tell me how/what to do, Alex’s method of utilizing open-ended questions and thought provoking responses guided me to find the answers on my own, yet in a collaborative approach. Alex facilitated my thought process to focus on what I want to do in my life and grow, rather than focus on reasons that I use as an excuses to not push myself to new limits. I’ve already seen a tremendous change in my professional career, and excited to keep practicing the skills I’ve acquired with Alex’s help.

I highly recommend this course and thank Alex for everything!